Monday, 2 August 2010

Latest sightings

It's been fairly quiet for birds and, given that the stormie team spend most of their lives flat on the ground staring into crevices in walls, the chances of seeing anything are fairly slim anyway! Knot, sanderling and dunlin were all seen on the West Pool last week (though not by any of us!) and the grey heron was re-sighted on the Mid Loch.
Cetacean sightings have been disappointingly few and far between. Though, the weather has not exactly been amenable over the last month for sea-watching. The odd porpoises are sighted with reasonable regularity and a Minke whale was seen from the Mousa Ferry in Mousa Sound last week (again, of course, none of us saw it!). Orcas have been pretty regular further north, in Yell Sound, throughout July, but no such luck down here. Still waiting to get it on the garden list.

No otters have been seen in the garden (i.e. West Ham) for a couple of weeks, but I was able to get a photo of one the last time we sighted one. Not the greatest photo, but not bad given a small lens and the typical shyness of otters.

Otter feeding on the rocks in front of the bothy (Hannah Watson)